Course Description

Suicide Prevention (STC certified)

DESCRIPTION: This course focuses on the understanding of the general definitions of trauma and post traumatic stress disorder. The student will be able to recognize some of the signs and symptoms of trauma and post traumatic stress disorder and will be informed of current treatment interventions for individuals with these disorders. Students will be instructed on the signs and symptoms for medical emergencies and will know what actions are required for potential emergencies and health related complaints. Students will be instructed on what medical procedures are needed when transferring an inmate to a health care provider & signs and symptoms of communicable diseases. The course will also review the mechanisms for communication between custody and correctional health staff as well as discussion of how to improve communication and related training.

FEE: $25.00

LOCATION: San Mateo County Sheriff's Office - Training Center, 1601 Coyote Point Drive, San Mateo, CA 94401 [VIEW MAP]


REQUIRED EQUIPMENT: Student dress code at the Training Center is business casual. No shorts, sleeveless shirts or open toed shoes are permitted.

PRESENTATION DATES: See below for dates available. This is a 4 hour course. It starts at 1300 hours and ends at 1700 hours each day.

CERTIFICATION: STC certification is #0010-032846.

RESERVATIONS: This course is limited to 25 students and reservations will be made on a first come, first served basis.