Course Description

Less Lethal (POST/STC certified)

DESCRIPTION: The San Mateo county Sheriff's Office Training Unit is presenting a 4-hour Less Lethal Weapons course that is POST & STC certified. The purpose of this course is to familiarize officers with the nomenclature, functioning and cleaning of the 40mm Launcher and/or SL-6 (37mm) weapon as well as the Department policies regarding its use. Officers will be instructed in the selection of proper target areas for this weapon and the distance restriction on some ammunition types.

FEE: $60.00

LOCATION: San Mateo County Sheriff's Office - Training Center, 1601 Coyote Point Drive, San Mateo, CA 94401 [VIEW MAP]


PREREQUISITIES: Students must have successfully completed a POST or STC certified academy and must currently be employed by a law enforcement agency.

REQUIRED MATERIAL:  At least one less lethal launcher (12ga and/or 37mm/40mm launcher) and at least 30 rounds of Department approved less lethal munitions per student, hearing protection, wrap-around eye protection, Agency policy, and note taking material. 

PRESENTATION DATES & HOURS: This is a 4-hour course starting daily at 8:00 AM. See below for dates available.  

CERTIFICATION: The POST Control #: 2460-30981

RESERVATIONS: This course is limited to 20 students and reservations will be made on a first come, first served basis.