Taser Update

This is an update course in the use of conducted energy weapons including the X-26.  Course contents include the effects of electricity on various biological systems including the central nervous system.  Students review the Taser weapon systems, deployment, safety guidelines, equipment needs and case law regarding the weapon use.

Basic Patrol Rifle

DESCRIPTION: This 24-hour course is designed to train individuals in the use of the patrol rifle or carbine. This course will enable the first responder an option now becoming the standard in law enforcement. Some of the topics covered are rifle safety, marksmanship, firing positions, ballistics, reloading drills, malfunction drills, proper use of the rifle sling, basic tactics, low light engagements, and cover. Each attendee will be required to demonstrate proper usage and safe handling of the rifle.

Less Lethal (POST/STC certified)

DESCRIPTION: The San Mateo county Sheriff's Office Training Unit is presenting a 4-hour Less Lethal Weapons course that is POST & STC certified. The purpose of this course is to familiarize officers with the nomenclature, functioning and cleaning of the 40mm Launcher and/or SL-6 (37mm) weapon as well as the Department policies regarding its use. Officers will be instructed in the selection of proper target areas for this weapon and the distance restriction on some ammunition types.

FEE: $60.00