Enforcement (POST)

SMSOTC Training


FEE: $150.00

LOCATION: San Mateo County Sheriff's Office - Training Center, 1601 Coyote Point Drive, San Mateo, CA 94401 [VIEW MAP]

PREREQUISITES: Students must be full-time peace officers or reserve peace officers.

PRESENTATION HOURS: This is an 1-hour course that is held from 1030-1130 hours.

CERTIFICATION: 1010-31037 POST Plan IV -

Hate Crime/Racial Profiling Updates

DESCRIPTION: This class defines hate crimes according to California and Federal laws and identifies the protected groups or characteristics of victims of hate crimes. The benefits of working closely with community contacts and witnesses are outlined, along with discussion of victim resources available statewide. Gathering evidence, investigation, and reporting of hate crimes is also detailed. This class teaches that it is in the best interest of everyone, especially law enforcement, to do their best in combating hate crimes.

FEE: $50.00

First Aid/CPR

DESCRIPTION: The student will receive a 4-hour refresher training in blood borne pathogens, basic emergency first aid and cardio pulmonary resuscitation (CPR), including the use of the Automated External Defibrillator (AED); developing skills that will allow them to recognize, evaluate and effectively assist those persons in need of emergency medical care.  This course meets the Blood borne Pathogens (CCR Title 8) and First Aid/CPR (Title 22) legislative mandates.  Students completing the course may receive a nationally recognized 2-year certification card upon request.


DESCRIPTION: This 16-hour course is designed to instruct law enforcement personnel in the lawful requirements of operating an emergency vehicle under normal patrol, pursuit and 'Code 3' conditions. The student will be instructed in the areas required by POST in order to meet the mandated training requirements in Penal Code Section 13519.8. The student will demonstrate a working knowledge of driver skills by successfully driving such courses as the Skid Pan, Hazard Avoidance Simulator, Emergency Braking, Offset Alleys, Serpentine, Code-3 and Pursuit course.