Corrections (STC)

Suicide Prevention (STC certified)

DESCRIPTION: This course focuses on the understanding of the general definitions of trauma and post traumatic stress disorder. The student will be able to recognize some of the signs and symptoms of trauma and post traumatic stress disorder and will be informed of current treatment interventions for individuals with these disorders. Students will be instructed on the signs and symptoms for medical emergencies and will know what actions are required for potential emergencies and health related complaints.

The Wrap (POST/STC Certified)

DESCRIPTION: The student will learn policy and procedure that allows the use of The Body Wrap, use of proper control techniques to minimize the injuries to inmates and staff, the proper placement of the subject into The Wrap, how to define the importance of working as a team in the placement of a subject into The Body Wrap, and what injuries a subject may experience if placement is not performed properly.

NOTE: This course meets the P.O.S.T. and Penal Code requirements per Section 33220(b) PC.

FEE: $25.00


CORE Supplemental (56 hours)

DESCRIPTION: This Course provides instruction regarding the areas of high liability in addition to the following topics: constitutional rights, ethics, contraband, gangs, emergency procedures, supervising inmates, cell extractions, mechanical restraints, safety cells, classification, and manipulation of staff.

FEE: $125.00

Temporary Holding Cells (POST/STC certified)

DESCRIPTION: Temporary Holding Cells are inside almost all Law Enforcement buildings, but few are aware that Title 15, Section 1024 requires refresher training once every 2 years. This class will feature information on the following topics: Jail Operations Liability, Emergency Procedures, Minimum Jail Standards, Inmate Segregation, Suicide Prevention, and Juvenile Procedures

NOTE: This course meets the P.O.S.T. and Penal Code requirements per Section 33220(b) PC.

FEE: $25.00