Course Description

Basic Patrol Rifle

DESCRIPTION: This 24-hour course is designed to train individuals in the use of the patrol rifle or carbine. This course will enable the first responder an option now becoming the standard in law enforcement. Some of the topics covered are rifle safety, marksmanship, firing positions, ballistics, reloading drills, malfunction drills, proper use of the rifle sling, basic tactics, low light engagements, and cover. Each attendee will be required to demonstrate proper usage and safe handling of the rifle. This class was previously called Firearms/Basic Rifle Carbine Operator.  

NOTE: This course meets the P.O.S.T. and Penal Code requirements per Section 33220(b) PC.

FEE: $310.00

LOCATION: San Mateo County Sheriff's Office - Training Center, 1601 Coyote Point Drive, San Mateo, CA 94401 [VIEW MAP]


PREREQUISITES: This course has both physical and mental components that will be challenging. Students must be full-time peace officers. All students who are not members of the San Mateo County Sheriff's Office must sign a liability waiver.  PLEASE HAVE RIFLE SIGHTS ZEROED PRIOR TO THE FIRST DAY OF CLASS.

PRESENTATION HOURS: This is a 24-hour course (three 8-hour days) that starts at 8:00 AM on the first day of the course. The second day is a night session and will start at 1:00 PM.

CERTIFICATION: The POST certification number is: 2460-32075

REQUIRED EQUIPMENT: All participants must have the following weapons and equipment, one agency approved patrol rifle (AR-15/M-16 recommended) with sling, 1000 rounds factory ammunition (minimum) for the rifle, three 20/30 round magazines for rifle, weapon mounted / hand held flashlight with extra batteries, service handgun with duty belt, three magazines for handgun, 100 rounds factory ammunition (minimum) for handgun, cleaning equipment for both weapons, 20 rounds of dummy ammunition for rifle, body armor, eye and ear protection, "BDU" type uniform, and hat.  Rifles should be sighted in prior to the first day of instruction.

Optional equipment: Hydration system, Knee/elbow pads, shooting pad, sunscreen, and water.

RESERVATIONS: This course is limited to 20 students and reservations will be made on a first come, first served basis.